Receive an example of our scientific summaries written by one of our knowledgeable science experts.


There are three ways to grow your business with Sparrow:

Strengthen your network

Access our PhD science communicators from all over the globe who break down science for you or your clients.

Diversify your content

Integrate fast, easy scientific content (like the example you can download for free) to support your marketing campaigns and increase acquisition & retention for your clients.

Tap into our science curious public

Crowd source information from our niche audience of educated consumers and individual professionals.

Case Studies

Leveraging Sparrow's Expert Network

Client: Financial & Global Information Services Firm

Challenge: Providing scientific experts to consult on client projects was proving extremely difficult.

Solution: The firm leveraged Sparrow's network of 12,000 scientific experts from over 50 different specialisms to recruit onto their platform.

Results: The client signed up 15 scientific experts within the first 30 days, all of whom were paid on projects within 6 months of signing up.

The quality of experts that Sparrow provided was astounding. We would never have been able to find this caliber without Sparrow's help.

Leveraging Sparrow's Content & Expert Network

Client: Leading Expert & Knowledge Firm

Challenge: The firm identified a need to diversify and increase engagement of their clients by providing high quality, factual and expert content that would enable them to stay ahead of the market and competition.

Solution: The firm leveraged Sparrow's growing content library  of Scientific Digests as drip campaigns to existing clients. Both enabling them to stay informed and allowing them to directly book a consultation with the Expert author of the digest (from Sparrow's network of 12,000 scientific experts from over 50 different specialisms).

Results: An initial pilot of selected digests were sent out as drip campaigns over a 2 week period. The firm's client provided high positive qualitative feedback along with conversions with Sparrow's experts - resulting in additional revenue and increased engagement (with existing client) through a pool of new science experts.

We're now able to give our clients additional value within their space (food sciences, energy, etc.) before they even know about it, generating additional revenue sources.